Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What U Think?! Kanye West New Music Video

Hi everyone!

So, the new music video of Kanye West debuted on Ellen Degeneres show. What you guys think about it?
First of all, I have nothing against Kimye, but the music video is just not working for me. I know they love each other, but he music video is too much for showing the world how much they love each other, I mean seriously, the whole world knows. LOL
And also, I love Ellen Degeneres show, who doesn't? She is hilarious and awesome. But I think showing the music video at her show threw me off a little bit. Kim K was (almost)nude and both of them are in the motorcyle riding and wigling wigling, it looked like they were doing it. And Ellen Degeneres show have young viewers too, they might think thats how you ride motor bike. LOL

Anywho, Kim K is glowing and beautiful in that video.

Anyways, in my conclusion, Kanye West's New Music Video is a FAIL. We know it is when it has more dislikes than likes on youtube. 

Whats yours?



  1. Oh my god I can't even believe I watched it! Awful!



  2. I thought the video was didn't flow well really. Not that I liked the song either. But, if they liked it, then that's what counts. xx

  3. Didn't watch it yet..The question is, should I?
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